About Woodbridge & Co

The desire to offer solutions-focused financial and business planning services led Matt Woodbridge to establish Woodbridge & Co. As accounting became increasingly digitalised, there was scope to turn attentions to data analysis to inform business growth. Matt has earned the trust of many managers and with regular involvement, he has successfully provided tailored consultancy. With your priorities in mind, Matt will help you to develop your business.

Matt Woodbridge

Matt’s vision for Woodbridge & Co was to share his ambition of cultivating a work-life balance. He knows from personal experience that, with the right resources in place, it is possible to have a profitable business and to enjoy life outside of work.

When launching Woodbridge & Co, Matt applied his knowledge to develop a business that works for him. He now has a reputation for providing professional, personalised advice to support business development. He has also prioritised spending time with the family, being a devoted football fan and enjoying live music events. What interests would you pursue if running your company wasn’t all-consuming?

Financial Consultancy for Business Development

With offices in Tring, Hertfordshire, Matt has brought trusted partners on board. Together the team have been engaged when company owners want data-driven advice on:

  • How to grow a business
  • When is the best time to invest?
  • How to transform financial fortunes
  • How to increase cash flow
  • How to attract investment
  • How to prepare for exiting the business
  • How to regain a work/life balance without having a negative impact on service or profitability

Would your company benefit from tailored business consultancy? Contact Woodbridge & Co on 01442 890097 to start the conversation.